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How it Works

Huge manufacturing and distribution companies give away millions of dollars worth of Brand New Merchandise every year and write all these products off as legitimate marketing expenses.

In fact, giving away a certain percentage of their merchandise is actually figured into their yearly budgets. They are required to give away a certain number of samples and demo units by law in order to keep receiving their huge tax breaks.

If these companies are required to give away these samples and demo units to someone in order to obtain their million dollar a year tax write offs, shouldn’t you become a member today so you can start getting your share of these totally free products for life?

Consumer electronics available are Plasma TV’s, LED TV’s, LCD TV‘s, 3D Televisions, GPS Units, Camcorders, Digital Cameras, DVD and Blue Ray Players, Gaming Systems, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Desktop Computers, Electronic Reading Devices like the Kindle, and over 2,500 other manufacturer’s items!

And that’s just a short list - we haven’t even covered kitchen appliances, electronic toys and other consumer items that are also totally free to members!

As a member, all you need is a street delivery address so United Parcel Service, DHL or Fed-Ex can drive right up to your door and deliver huge boxes and packages filled with Totally Free Merchandise!

Now if you only have a Post Office Box for delivery, you can still get small electronics and other small merchandise, but in order to get the REALLY GOOD BIG STUFF like Flat Panel TVs, you’ll need a real street address so UPS, DHL or Fed-Ex can deliver right to your door!

Hey, it’s OK though - if you do only have a PO Box for delivery or say you live in an apartment complex that isn’t really UPS or Fed-Ex friendly - don’t worry! We can work around that small problem and yes, you can still get a weekly delivery of boxes and packages filled with really expensive merchandise - Guaranteed!

So what's the CATCH? Well, there is no real catch but you do have to USE the products at least once. It's called consumer product reviewing and it's really fun and exciting. Request, Test and Review... That is, use the products and write a short paragraph review of how the product worked - or didn't work for you.

Don't worry, we give you complete training and show you how to do everything. We even teach you how to be a professional product reviewer and how to write excellent product reviews.

As soon as you secure your membership, you will immediately receive your starter package and membership instructions! Then you will be granted access to the manufacturers database with a detailed list of over 2,500 manufacturer’s items.

Go Here and Sign up as a member today!

  • Lisa Green
    I am still shocked that this program actually exists. The products start to arrive and seem to never stop. I am covered up with free merchandise from dozens of manufacturers and it's all free just for writing my short product reviews!
    Lisa Green
  • Roland Wright, Jr.
    Works like a charm - what else can I say? The products never stop coming in. I didn't think I could write good product reviews but the video training makes it easy!
    Roland Wright, Jr.
  • Alex Berg
    Fishing Tackle, Rods, Reels, Golf Clubs, Golf Bags, all free for the asking! Just crazy that manufacturers are giving these things away just in exchange for my real product reviews! - Love my new moped scooter that was also totally free?
    Alex Berg
  • Nancy Lester
    Received my first shipment of products, in about 34 days but it was worth the wait. I receive a 47' LED Plasma TV, a small mixer and blender for my kitchen, several cool remote control toys for my kids, two digital cameras, a HD camcorder, and a color printer. I cannot explain how much this has bettered my life. I'm already selecting items from the database for my next shipment of free merchandise.
    Nancy Lester
  • Robbie Baxter
    Drones and RC Cars and Trucks! I'm a electronics gadget nut and this program is just perfect for me. Just login and scan the database of products every day and you'll see thousand of items that you can enjoy for yourself or give away to family and friends. Just write a short review on each item and you're done! - Great Deal!
    Robbie Baxter
  • Espresso coffee machine, 12 speed mixer ( professional series ) 8 slice electronic toaster, pressure cooker, 17.5 Laptop to organize all my cooking recipes! Next I'm doing my Christmas and Birthday Gift Shopping here too! Can it still be called "shopping" if the products are all free?
  • Mary Brown
    I'm so surprised. I actually got my first shipment of products today... i really had doubts and didn't believe this would work. But, if you're in doubt like I was - just give it a try you'll be happy!
    Mary Brown
  • Chase Cruze
    I had read somewhere this was the "best kept secret on the Internet." - Now I have to agree that this program is really incredible - I requested a 60 inch Plasma TV, a 5.1 Surround Sound System and Electronic Theater Lights. Now I have completely transformed my spare bedroom into a First Class Movie Theater!
    Chase Cruze
  • Sarah Thornton
    I'm addicted to the Gold Level Members Area. You can literally find any type of clothing, shoes or handbags you want here. The best deals are the clothing samples. Just tell the manufactures what sizes you need ( adult and children sizes too ) for anyone in your family including yourself and you'll be set with new wardrobes! Just write your review and the products keep coming in.
    Sarah Thornton